Digital mobile billboard advertising, the how and the why

Let’s get digital, digital. Yep, let’s talk about digital mobile billboard advertising. The term ‘digital’ often refers to online formats in the advertising and media industry. However, there are some outdoor formats that also fall under that category.


It starts with four wheels, a screen on those four wheels, and your idea.

We’ve obviously touched on a fair few of the ins and outs of this format before, but let’s review that further.

When your brand is driving around the streets, the three-sided board provides the opportunity to cover all angles.

You simply supply us with your creative and we can quickly upload it onto the board. So no need to worry about production turnaround times or installation costs.

You can provide us with the locations you’d like the board to target, or we can provide recommendations for you. This process can either take place in the proposal stage or once a campaign is confirmed.


Their main appeal is their flexibility. They give you the option to update creative on the fly. One example of this was Sportsbet who targeted the Australian Open with multiple creatives in 2020. Check out how that campaign went.

You will also get 100% share of voice, so no need to worry about your brand missing out on key times and moments of the day.

The format also gives you the option to target multiple areas in one day, unlike other billboard advertising.

Other things to note:

Where can they go?

The boards go out for an eight-hour, depot to depot, media day. Within that time, they can visit as many locations as can fit into that time frame. For example, you could start your day in the CBD, then head to South Eastern Suburbs for the second half of the day.

The boards can travel to regional areas, but this may involve a travel and accommodation fee.

Where are the boards available?

Digital mobile billboards are available for use in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. However, there is always the option to send them interstate.

Can I play videos or animations on the board?

Unfortunately not as this is too distracting for drivers. However, you can certainly have multiple static images scrolling through the screen throughout the day.

Can they play audio?

The boards can play audio, however each city has their own rulings on whether this is allowed, so always check with us beforehand.

What is the lead time?

We typically ask for three days, but that is mainly to allow ample time to test and check creative. If you need longer, let us know.

Do I get discounts for multiple day/longer term bookings?

Yes. For any multiple day bookings, we can usually reduce the daily media cost – the longer you book, the smaller that price gets.

Any other questions?

Head to our website and give us a call.

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