Having the flexibility to react to change can often be important when advertising.

This was true in the case of betting agency, Sportsbet, who were looking to target one of the biggest sporting events in Melbourne – The Australian Open.

That’s where Running Boards Digital Mobile Billboard comes in.

Consumers would have seen the faces of Serena Williams and much maligned Aussie, Nick Kyrgios, roaming around town during the first week of the Open.

However, Williams’ surprise third round exit at the hands of China’s Wang Qiang meant a quick response was needed. Within 20 minutes of her exit, Williams’ face had been replaced by that of fellow tennis legend Roger Federer and his opponent John Millman, who were competing against one another later that evening.  

Throughout the second week of the tournament the creative gradually changed to display other remaining players including Ash Barty, Dominc Thiem, Alexander Zverev and eventual champions, Sofia Kenin and Novak Djokovic.

Account Coordinator, Paddy, who helped organise the campaign, said it was great to have the flexibility to change creative instantly, “Sportsbet loved the live updates,” he said.

Of course, this type flexibility is no different to any digital board in market, however for the client it was also important to be able to target consumers not only heading in and out of the tennis centre, but also the many that would be enjoying the sights of the CBD.

Although traditional formats are a great option for many advertising campaigns, Sportsbet’s example just goes to show that digital is something worth considering


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