Relocatable billboards, the out of home advertising how and the why

For anyone that’s ever had a face-to-face meeting with me, and heard me talk about relocatable billboards, I usually like to say: “Have you seen those roadside TAC billboards along highways and freeways? Well, they’re pretty much like that.” This is still an accurate description but let me go into a bit more detail about the out of home advertising format, relocatable billboards.


The format is straightforward in that it is simply placed in one location for however short or long you like. We recommended at least a week or two though, to get the best bang for buck.

However, the only thing that tends to make them not as straightforward as I just made out is that we will need you to provide us with a placement location.

Unfortunately, we can’t leave the boards wherever we like, (wouldn’t that be nice). They do need to be placed on private property, with permission from whoever owns that private property of course. Again, it’s a nice thought to just leave it on someone’s front lawn. On the flip side, I don’t think any of us wants to look out their window and see a large out of home advertising billboard on our front lawn!)

More how…

You can also seek council permission.

We ourselves understand sourcing a location can be a tricky task to achieve. It can be difficult to get council approval on these matters unfortunately. We do love all our council clients though, just wanted to make that clear for any of you reading this! The alternative that we recommend is asking your own or your clients contacts in the area if they can help you out with finding a suitable location.  

On the matter of location, please keep in mind the boards are about 7m wide, so the place you pick should be a reasonable size!

Once all that ‘straightforward’ work has been sorted out, like our previous articles, all we need you to do then is give us your fantastic artwork, then leave everything else to us.

A few days later, your now printed artwork (which we call skins at this point) will be installed on our two-sided billboard. Then we’ll liaise with you the best time and date to drop the board off.


They’re simple and easy to use…provided you have somewhere to put them of course.

For example, you want to advertise in a location where there are no fixed OOH billboards. Well, that’s exactly where you could look at placing a relocatable board. Tip, probably not in the middle of a desert though, cause not many people will see your message there.

But if you do have somewhere (that’s not a desert) to put them, they make a great long-term advertising format. The daily media cost itself starts off at $100, and then reduces further dependent on the amount of campaign days.

Like most of our formats, they’re just a good option to break into markets with.

Other things to note:

Is there a minimum number of days I need to hire the board for?

Although we touched on this earlier, just to clarify, there isn’t a minimum number of days. If you only need the board for one day, that’s perfectly fine.

On the other hand, if you wanted to hire the board for a year, that’s also fine, depending on availability.

Can I have the board moved from one location to another mid-campaign?

Typically, the relocatable boards are designed to stay in one set location. However, we can move them mid-campaign from one area to another – with an additional placement and retrieval cost. Again, it would be nice if there wasn’t this cost, but then Running Boards Managing Director, Charles, won’t be so nice to us!

We do however ask that you give us plenty of notice if you are wanting to move the board, just so we’re all organised ready to go on the day of movement.

What is the lead time?

Ideally, it’s great to have 10 days, but we can usually make it work if you need more time, so always feel free to check with us during the process.

What happens if the board is vandalised?

Spray paint, what is it good for? Well, quick and easy paint jobs I guess, but not great for outdoor billboards. Yes, unfortunately there is the odd occasion where a board will be vandalised. Not to fear though, once we hear about it, we’ll send someone out to clean it up.

Any other questions?

As always, get in touch about your next out of home advertising campaign!

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