Solar Ad Trailers – the future is now

What is a Solar Ad Trailer? 

Solar Ad Trailers are a relatively new invention. They are outdoor digital screens which can display quality images for advertising 24-7-365 using only solar power.

Digital technology for outdoor screens has advanced significantly in recent years.  Many have tried and failed in their quest to produce enough energy from 2 solar panels to power a 24-7 solar screen with a decent image quality. 

But the wait is now over!  The Media That Moves Network spent 2020 trialling a new Solar Ad Trailer product which will be formally launched on 15 February 2021.  

Alternatives to Solar Ad Trailers

Prior to Solar Ad Trailers, the only option for advertisers were Variable Message Signs (generally called VMS boards).  This is old technology which has served roadwork contractors well for many years.  

More recently 5 colour VMS boards were introduced to the Australian market which have become quite popular for on-site advertising where there is no access to mains power.

But the use of VMS boards faced significant resistance from brands that were uncomfortable promoting their brands on a traffic sign format. 

Thankfully, the year is 2021 and society has fully coloured screens available…no more sleepless nights with nightmares about those non coloured screens!

Want to know more? 

Well, you will just have to be a little bit patient and wait until the formal launch on 15 February 2021! In the meantime I can tell you that Solar Ad Trailers will come with all of the same features as our Digital Ad Trailers.  So brightness will adjust so that the screens look great at night and content can be changed remotely.

Like always, the team at the Media That Moves Network are here to answer any of your questions, just feel free to give us a call or flick us an email.

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