The OOH advertising how and why – bike boards

Ah, nothing like a nice ride on a bicycle…with an OOH advertising sign attached to the back of course.

Another one of our most nimble formats, bike boards, could add a point of difference to your next advertising campaign.

This time, lets shake it up and start with…


I like to ride my bicycle, bicycle! is what our promo staff will be saying when they’re riding around the streets with your advertisement attached to the back of their bike.

You may be familiar with scooter billboards, which we unfortunately don’t have (we used to, but that’s a story for another day), but bike boards are our alternative. You might think they don’t sound as cool or travel as fast as a scooter, but look at it this way, push bikes are slower than scooters, so passers-by are going to get more time to read your message!

Like our walking boards, bike boards offer the unique opportunity to get a direct message across to the public. By direct, we mean that our riders can talk to passers-by about your campaign. If you do have specific messages you want to pass on, (in addition to what is on the advertising sign of course), just let us know in advance so we can tell our riders.

Want to draw some extra attention? Of course, you do! So why not play some audio? The trailers have built in speakers, so you can do just that – imagine your client/companies jingle riding down the street.

But wait, there’s more! They are also backlit, which means you can have early-morning or night-time activity.   

Flexibility, plenty of flexibility.

Remember how I said they’re a flexible OOH advertising format? Well, listen to this, if you want them to just sit up in one key location for the majority of the day, that’s fine. But if you want them riding around for the majority of the day, that’s also fine. Bet you’ve never seen a wall mounted billboard riding down the street, (probably because it’s mounted to a wall, but that’s the point)!

Speaking of flexibility, unlike a lot of OOH advertising formats, bike boards give your client the chance to get to places where a lot of other advertisers can’t go, such as the footpath outside of a train station for example…assuming there’s no other billboard fixtures out the front of the station here.

So that’s the why, here’s the…


The bike trailer is three-sided, allowing for an easy view of your messaging no matter where passers-by are standing/driving. In addition to this, having three sides offers the chance to have multiple messages on your board – you can have various messaging on each panel.

I guess in terms of the how, there’s not much more to it – all you need to do is tell us where you want us to go and supply some great artwork, and away we go!

It’s as simple as that really.

Other things to note

If you read our previous blog post ‘The outdoor advertising how’s and whys – walking boards’ then you might be about to get a bit of déjà vu in the below section – (the answers are basically the same).

What do the riders wear?

It’s probably something you don’t think about, until you need to think about it right before your campaign is set to start. If your client wants our riders to wear their branding (t-shirts etc), that’s not a problem at all. Just tell us in advance and we’ll tell you the best place to send the clothing to.

Or, if they don’t have a preference, we ask our riders to wear plain black clothing.

What is the lead time?

Ideally, it’s great to have 10 days, but we can usually make it work if you need more time. Always feel free to check with us during the process.

How many boards do I get?

The boards start off in a pair, who stick together throughout the day. You are more than welcome to add on additional boards to suit your campaign brief. For example, you want to target two different suburbs on the same day, then we would recommend having two pairs of bike boards sent out for your campaign.

How long do they go out for each day?

No matter how many you end up with, they go out for a standard five-hour on-site media day (just to clarify, these five hours are consecutive). Although, if you wish to do longer media days, we can certainly oblige.

Are flyers and sampling allowed?

What’s that? You want to know if the boards can hand out flyers? They certainly can, although, as is the case with a lot of things in life, there is a ‘but.’ Each council area has their own rules and regulations surrounding this, some allow it, some don’t, while others require a permit. We can always check to find out for you.

Can they hand out samples? Like above, they can, but it depends on the location. It’s also important to note that all food and drink samples need to be in enclosed packaging. For example, a bag of chips would be fine, but an apple would not be okay – contrary to what health experts say!

Any other questions?

So, that’s bike board OOH advertising in a nutshell. Although, if you have any other questions outside of that nutshell, get in touch!

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