Kayo uses Outdoor Media for Netball Series Campaign

Product: Digital Mobile Billboard

At the start of the year, we were fortunate enough to deliver an OOH media campaign for the online streaming service Kayo. This project consisted in the use of our outdoor media products: the Digital Mobile Billboard and Bike Boards.

The two outdoor media products were used to promote the Suncorp Netball series that took place in Sydney and Melbourne.

The aim of the campaign was to use both of the outdoor media products to generate awareness of the free-to-watch series at multiple sporting events.

Product: Bike Boards

Bike Boards

The Bike Boards were used to access areas of Melbourne and Sydney that larger outdoor media formats could not.

In saying this, the Bike Boards we able to get into inaccessible key locations in and around the MCG, John Cain Arena, Suncorp Stadium and Olympic Park.

Additionally, the bike riders handed out flyers containing the Netball fixture in heavy foot traffic locations to sporting event attendees in both States.

Benefits of combining outdoor media formats

Major benefits of combining the outdoor media formats include:

  • Increased brand exposure
  • Delivers strong brand awareness
  • Increased brand recall in targeted locations

Overall, Kayo is the perfect example of how multiple outdoor media formats can be used to generate enhanced brand recognition and awareness.

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