NFTs on the Move in Brisbane using the Digital Mobile Billboard

When you need a multi-location, highly visible, outdoor format to present an up-and-coming NFT roll out – there’s no better option than the Digital Mobile Billboard.

The Idea

NFT’s are rising in popularity post-haste. They’re bright, creative, and an excellent bridge between “physical” and “digital”.

Furthermore, the Digital Mobile Billboard and an NFTs both represent a unique opportunity – the ability to showcase works of art, ideas, and concepts whilst reaching a vast audience on the move.

Trillionaire Thugs needed an outlet to extol their collection, and was this out-of-home advertising product that was the most relevant tailored solution for this project.

The Goal

After discussion with the team, at Trillionaire thugs, it was concluded that they were after the following:

1. A striking visual to draw attention to both the screen and NFT.
2. The ability to move from location to location.
3. Utilized as a brand activation screen for venues all over the Brisbane CBD.

The Outcome

With real-time remote access, GPS tracking & reporting, and 3 large screens of pure unadulterated digital advertising – the Digital Mobile Billboard was simply the best choice for this type of campaign.

In addition, as the Digital Mobile Billboard was utilized as a Brand Activation screen within this campaign, it presents multiple opportunities for community engagement wherever the truck may be at any given time, which was the case for Trillionaire Thugs at their chosen venues.

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