Melbourne Councils Bring Communities Together with Outdoor Digital Screens

Outdoor Event Screen 15 at City of Melbourne NYE 2022

On the back-end of last year, City of Melbourne and Stonnington Council reached out to us to use our digital screens for their outdoor Summer events.

It is evident that the rise of outdoor events seen in 2021 is now here to stay after 2 years of lockdown and restrictions.

So let’s take a look at both of the Council’s outdoor event projects that took place in 2021/2022:

Stonnington Council ‘Movie Series’, Central Park.

Stonnington Movie Series 2022

The ‘Movie Series’ project was organised by Stonnington Council to bring the local community together to showcase child-friendly movies over the Summer break.

They created a child-friendly ‘Movie Series’ that ran from December through to January on various weekends using our outdoor digital Screen 15.

With small to large crowds attending over the multiple weekends, the Screen 15 was the perfect alternative for this years ‘Movie Series’ at Central Park.

City of Melbourne New Years Eve & New Years Day 2022

City of Melbourne New Years Eve 2022

The outdoor Digital Screen 15 showcased live artists performing various acts throughout the night to the large crowd of Melbournians that attended the event.

Additionally, live content that was displayed on the screen included a countdown to the new year, live performances and other static promotional content.

Benefits of Outdoor Digital Screen 15

The main benefit of outdoor Digital Screen 15 is that it is able to display crisp, clear content no matter the weather.

Additionally, outdoor Digital Screen 15 can cater to crowds of 50 people to 1000+.


  1. Screen 15 is perfect for small to large scale outdoor events.
  2. Outdoor events should be considered by businesses in various industries as they are here to stay.
  3. Outdoor digital screens are adaptable to any event, especially outdoor digital Screen 15.
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