Outdoor digital signage, the OOH how and the why

We got ‘digital, digital’, when talking about digital mobile billboards a few weeks back…now we can talk about it some more with outdoor digital signage!

Digital and solar ad trailers (as we like to call them) don’t move around, but they still create a big impact.


Pretty straight forward really. You just book in your outdoor digital signage format, give us a location, supply the artwork and away we go.

The screens do require a 10-amp power supply within 20 meters of the screen. Fear not if you don’t have a supply though. We recently introduced solar ad trailers to our inventory list, so just so long as you provide the sun, then there will always be power.

We do need to mention that the screens need to be placed on private property though. This would include locations such as your own land or car park. If you don’t have these, you can seek council permission for placement, but this can be a lengthy process. It’s instead recommended that you source private property from known contacts in the target area.


Outdoor digital signage is a cost-effective advertising option. They go out for a minimum weekly hire, but you can extend your campaign at short notice with ease.

We can change artwork remotely, so if you have a last-minute update, just get in touch. Or, if you have different messages for different times of the day, week, month, or year, the digital screens offer the flexibility to always cater for your needs.

Other things to note:

Solar ad trailers – make sure there is sun!

It might sound obvious, but solar screens need the sun to work properly. Please keep this in mind when thinking of a location to place your solar screen.

For example, don’t ask us to place the screen under a group of trees. Open areas are the best locations.

Do the screens stay on 24/7?

They certainly can.

Unless advised otherwise, the screens stay on all the time.

The brightness levels automatically adjust dependent on the time of day. This way there won’t be anyone complaining about a bright light shining in their window all night!

Can I play videos or animations on the board?

Unfortunately not as this is too distracting for drivers. However, you can certainly have multiple static images scrolling through on the screen throughout the day.

Can they play audio?

Our outdoor digital signage formats cannot play audio.  

What is the lead time?

We typically ask for three days, but that is mainly to test artwork and double check that everything is all good to go – if you need longer, let us know.

Do I get discounts for multiple weeks/longer term bookings?

Yes. For any multiple day bookings, we can usually reduce the weekly media cost – the longer you book, the smaller that price gets.

Any other questions?

Give us a call!

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