Digital Mobile Billboard with OOH Data + Metrics

Tapping into Swifties and Pink fans with Mobile OOH Data + Metrics

Two big events early this year saw a great opportunity for Running Boards Out of Home (OOH) Media to get noticed and get measured. Digital Mobile Billboards travelling throughout Melbourne CBD carrying messages for Domino’s pizza made a huge impression.

Utilising new technology Data + Metrics through Lumos Intelligence, campaigns could be tracked and verified for Reach and Frequency. And beyond that, data could be captured identifying demographics, interests and buying habits of the audience.

Digital Mobile Billboard with OOH Data + Metrics

Running Boards Director, Charles Tremlett says, “We can use the Lumos platform to conduct real-time OOH campaign tracking and verification, to know the demographic and interests of those viewing our ads, and to even retarget campaigns based on target audience. It’s a very exciting development for the media industry.”
Here is some of the campaign data collected during the Taylor Swift concert in February within the vicinity of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG):
Reach & Frequency
568,503 impressions
169,911 unique reach
3.3 x frequency
62% female
42% within 25-34 years
Consumer behaviour:
27% fast food & takeaway consumers
35% bought coffee in the last 30 days
29% are considered in-market property buyers
35% from interstate or overseas
29% show an interest in bookstores
25% shopped at pet stores

Digital Mobile Billboard with OOH Data + Metrics

And a similar picture for the Pink concert earlier this year within the vicinity of Marvel Stadium:
Reach & Frequency
383,688 impressions
93,061 unique reach
4 x frequency
68% female
59% within 25- 44 years
Consumer behaviour:
22% fast food & takeaway consumers
38% bought coffee in the last 30 days
18% are considered in-market property buyers
28% from interstate or overseas
31% show an interest in bookstores
28% shopped at pet stores
Lumos also discovered foot traffic increased by 300% at Queen Victoria Market and near Crown in Southbank during the concert period, compared to the previous ten days. And traffic near Melbourne CBD, within a 10 km radius, saw more than a 48% increase leading up to the event.
Being able to capture this data is a marketer’s dream. This offers a multi-faceted view of attendees to these concerts, where interests spanned from takeaway food and significant life events like property acquisition to daily coffee consumption and pet ownership.

Lumos Chief Executive Officer, Eric Fan adds “We’ve gathered these incredible insights from processing nearly instantaneous, privacy-compliant data, secured from 41 million anonymised and consented smart devices. We take the movement and behaviour data from these devices and linked profiles and process them through Lumos’s robust analytic engine.”

Data + Metrics Technology

As part of the Media That Moves Network, Running Boards officially launched their extraordinary Mobile OOH Data + Metrics tools at Mumbrella360 with their new data partner Lumos. Gain real Reach + Frequency data; third party campaign verification; and the opportunity to retarget audiences to amplify your campaigns.

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