Getting started with your next mobile OOH campaign

In a world where advertisers are searching for an OOH format to deliver big impactful results, at a cost-effective rate, mobile billboard advertising can more often than not be the perfect solution.

Understanding the strengths of mobile OOH advertising and its place in the market plays a big role in delivering big results. Unlike many OOH formats, the various types of mobile formats provide the unique ability to put you right in the middle of action, no matter where that is. 

There are a few simple steps to ensure you have a successful campaign, which of course, we will guide you through along the way. 

Choosing your OOH advertising format 

Firstly, it starts with a detailed brief. This is designed to give our sales team a better understanding of the requirements and objectives that need to be delivered for your client. Whether that’s needing to spend as much time as possible near a competitor’s store as possible, targeting foot traffic walking into an event (maybe not during COVID, but let’s just assume we’re back in the normal world here), or, you might just want to spend all of your media day parked up in one key location – like we said, there’s plenty of flexibility. 

Once you’ve had a think about what you’re trying to achieve with outdoor advertising, our experienced sales team goes to work selecting the right product/products based on the information you’ve provided.

From here, a proposal is created, giving you our recommendations and prices for the advertising format that will best help you meet your clients goals.  

This is where fun starts. Once you’ve chosen your advertising format and given us the go ahead to get your campaign ready, there’s a few more steps. 

Getting your campaign underway 

We’ll start by providing you with artwork specifications for your format with a creative deadline, so that your designers can get underway coming up with their great designs. 

Once artwork is created, we will make sure constructive feedback is applied before the print process gets underway.

In the meantime, we’ll prepare a brief for your campaign. This is filled with the information you provided to us earlier, or, if you don’t have any particular instructions, we will come up with key locations to target ourselves – either way, this brief is sent to you for your final approval.

While all that’s been happening, your signs will have been printed. We need to allow a few days for them to get shipped to our various depots across the country. When they arrive at our depot, the ‘skins’ (your billboard sign) are installed on our inventory – we can always send you photos letting you know that everything is all good to go for your campaign.

Final outcome

The strong combination of a campaign brief, eye-catching artwork, and the right advertising format is the perfect formula for a successful OOH campaign.

The final touch – strong impactful photos are supplied to clients throughout the campaign, allowing you to share great photos on your socials. Not to mention, you will be provided with a full post campaign report which features key images and GPS tracking.

We’ll be here, ready to help, the next time you want to get mobile OOH. 

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